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for talent.

Increased visibility for your employer brand. More applicants.


We advise organisations on how to increase their employer attractiveness.

Groundbreaking Employer Branding For Our Clients.


Our approach increases your visibility.


More applicants from Gen Y & Z.


New followers on social media channels.

We create employer brands that attract talent.
Our expertise is reflected in our projects' performance.

More impressions per job posting.


Faster filling of new positions.

Internal Employer Branding - Our Approach

Your employer attractiveness quantified in 150 different dimensions.

In cooperation with students from international elite universities we have developed the VISUS Attractiveness Index. For the first time, this index allows to quantify your employer attractiveness and thus highlights potential dimensions for improvement.


Defining your Employer Value Proposition

Effective employer branding can only work if clear messages are conveyed to your employees and future applicants. Together with our clients, we therefore define their unique employer value proposition. 

Quantifying your Employer Attractiveness 

Our Index enables us to measure your employer attractiveness in over 150 dimensions. Together with your employees, we develop statistically relevant improvement potentials that lead to long-term employee retention and an increase in applicant numbers.



Development of a Customised Employer Branding Strategy

Based on your Attractiveness Score from Phase 2, we develop a tailor-made aimed at increasing your employer attractiveness. In order to achieve quick tangible results, we focus on dimensions in which your organisation has achieved a low score compared to best practice standards.


External Employer Branding - Our Approach

Your Employer Brand on Social Media. Professionally, effortlessly.

We produce content that reaches your target group on relevant social media platforms. We take over the production of visuals and texts as well as the distribution of that content for you.

Workshop Communication Strategy

In a workshop we define what distinguishes you as an employer from the competition. Based on your wishes and our experience, we develop a tailor-made employer branding strategy.

Creation Visuals

Our photographers and videographers produce professional content that appeals to your target group. The material produced reflects the previously defined values of your employer brand.

We publish professionally created content on relevant social media platforms.

Merging Content in Professional Posts

In order for photos and videos to have their full effect, they require copywriting that is formulated in the language of your target group. Our team helps you with that so that your social media posts gain visibility.

Your organisation as magnet for talent.
We're proven to deliver. 

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